ABOUT The HD Program Sunil Verma

The HD Program Sunil Verma

Sunil Verma

  • I worked as a chef for over 6 years in Sydney, Australia and as a result of the nature of my work, unhealthy lifestyle I gained a lot of extra weight.
  • I struggled with my weight over the years and even the gym could not help me lose the excess kilio’s.
  • With the help of HD Program I was able to loose a jaw dropping 5kg in a matter of 1 week, by day 42, I had lost 14.5Kg and a whopping 27kg by the day 84kg.
  • It was then that I decided to put the plan into paper so that others can benefit as well.
  • The purpose here is not to build a muscular body but to build a fit body as everyone aspires to!
  • Many have found HD Program helpful with 100% successful results.
The preservation of health is easier than the cure of a disease.

Your health is our concern at HD Program. I started this venture with only health in my mind. Our only goal is to make you fit, not a macho-man/woman. Having faced the effects of obesity in my own life, I could have chosen an other profession but decided to help others overcome the challenges I faced in my own life.

Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, its a lifestyle!


Sample Non-Vegetarian Meal plan

Sample Vegetarian Meal plan

( Once you join our program ,we will provide you weekly meal according to you requirement )

( *8 Meal Plans in 8 weeks )