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The HD program is not about losing weight only. It’s about feeling more comfortable in our own body. In our program, we focus on educating our customers and providing them all the knowledge about food science. So that once they graduate (reach your goal), then they are ready to plan out their own diet plan. Our consultants always there to work hand to hand with you,if you need any assistance.

HD Program is located  in Australia however we deliver our services online all around the world. For more details  contact us

You can join by filling the form or you visit directly from here.

  • 42 days personal customer service support
  • Free access to HD Program app
  • Customer service support 7 Days a Week
  • Contact via Whatsapp, Facebook and email
  • 1 to 1 Meeting (if required)
  • Daily health tips sent to your phone
  • Access to amazing chef and nutritionist recipes
  • Detailed grocery lists/ meal plan
  • Weight Monitoring tools via the app
  • Quick link access to social media

It works for any one, any age and gender. They have 100% success rate if you stick to the plan. 

*results may vary from person to person.

There is absolutely no exercise involved .If you were to exercise, we would have to tweak the meal plan a bit.

We divide our program into 4 different phases, each phase have their own importance and our consultants have different duties.

  1. Knowing: In this phase we consult with customer and try to provide them knowledge about why we need to focus on fat loss rather then weight loss and also discuss about their own body fat , muscle mass and water ratio etc .
  2. Organising: In Second phase we focus on time management, planning about food according to their busy schedule.
  3. Understanding: In third phase we work with individual customers so they to understand the facts about food and listen and understand the requirement of the stomach.
  4. Implementing: Fourth phase is about applying all the knowledge into real life situation like how to eat sensibly & healthy inside/outside.

“Its not about losing weight, it’s about changing lifestyle.”

By day 5 you feel the following effects:

  • no hunger because the body goes for your Storage fat deposits
  • Sleeping better
  • lost weight of anywhere from 500grams to 4 kilos (I lost 3.9)
    By day 6/7 you have heaps more energy and you feel amazing as well as a lot more weight loss.
  • The HD Program is for all . Anyone at any age and gender can use Program. if you have medical condition please consult with you doctor before start.

Fill out the contact us form on our website.

Our dedicated team and our tracking panel help us to monitor your weight loss journey with us. Contact us to know more or to check all process.

Sunil verma and his dedicated team is behind the HD program.

The word “HD” stands for health drop.

Our main purpose is to makes you look fit and younger without doing exercise and without changing your food taste.

Of course you can. You can start from any where and any time around the world.

We will deliver our HD Program magazine. Some time we deliver surprise gift on the important dates of our clients like on birthdays, anniversaries etc.

We are not charging any shipping charge for HD Program magazines or for any gifts in future as well. We will send some gifts to our clients on their important dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc.  For more info read our shipping policy.

Yes, you can. Please read our refund or cancellation policy.

Please check our privacy policy here.

DISCLAIMER: Results are not 100% guaranteed and can vary from person to person. Suitable for over 18 years of age.
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    Sample Non-Vegetarian Meal plan

    Sample Vegetarian Meal plan

    ( Once you join our program ,we will provide you weekly meal according to you requirement )

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