Cut Your Portion Size Without Feeling Hungry

Cut Your Portion Sizes
Cut your portion sizes without feeling hungry, It is feasible to lose weight just by cutting your portion sizes . The problem is you require to do it without feeling hungry; otherwise, between-meal snacking can get out of control. How much you consume or how hungry you feel is not all down to your stomach – it includes your mind, emotions and senses. We’ve got tactics that use them all in our delightful list of the best. Start by seeking 2 or 3 you think you’ll find comparatively easy to do, and start making a difference to your calorie consumption and, therefore, your weight.

Tips to Cut Your Portion Size

Take a Tiny Snack Before Dinner

Getting the edge off your hunger before consuming your meal can be a great idea when you’re trying to lose weight.

The method is to make it low in calories, preferably with some protein, and low in sugar – we don’t need to build a spike.

Try a tiny handful of nuts, a low fat (low sugar) yoghurt, a few olives, wholegrain bread with light cheese spread, some low cal soup – even a tiny bag of crisps will do the job.

Remember Your Needs Are Different

The fact is that men need more calories than women – even when they’re sleeping. There can also be significant variations in the calorie requirements of people of the same gender – a few inches in height add up to requiring a bigger or smaller meal. Your daily calorie consumption to lose weight also depends on your age and how active you are. The essential thing is to eat with your requirements in mind. You can find out how many calories you require to maintain your weight or lose weight. Getting to know what these are can help you feel more satisfied with the correct portion and help you not overeat when you’re with your partner, family, or friends.


People usually say they eat lighter when they spend time planning, making and offering a meal.

Get your recipe books or videos and try something that takes a little effort to make. Please take a look at Free Recipes for great home-cooked food that won’t break the calorie bank, or browse our online selection of weight loss recipes.

Only Cook as Much as You Need

Except you have unique plans for the meal you’re making, e.g. lunch tomorrow, dinner next week, cook only adequate food for the requirements of the people you are serving. Any more will possibly lead to overeating or feeling bad about wasted food.

Drink a Glass of Water Before Meal

A study has shown that drinking a 500ml glass of water before a meal can make you eat less. It’s not clear why this should be the problem – probably the stomach feeling fuller or the water slowing down the digestion of your meal. Whatever the reason is, it’s a straightforward approach to adopt, and it works. Drink the water about 20-30 minutes before you eat.

Use Smaller Plates

How you view the plate of food in front of you can make a massive variation to how fulfilled you feel. A big plate with a lot of its surface unfilled with food could look like a tiny portion, whereas a smaller plate included with the same amount of food can seem like a significant portion. Don’t go overboard and begin serving your meal on a side plate, and it’ll take the object if you’re seeing that you’re looking at a tiny plate of food. But ‘normal’ dinner plates can vary in size from around 25-30cm; that’s quite a wide variety in the area.

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